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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The "Cat" Days of Summer

Happy August! I decided to take a summer day off yesterday to celebrate the last day of July by roasting myself under the sun with an occasional dip in the pool. Then I got home to this:

Apparently, that's what Kashi prefers to do while I am at work. I should start giving her chores, like doing a bit of laundry and cleaning up the kitchen. She's already pretty good at catching the occasional bug.

By the way, I am attaching my first ever public photo of my finished product: a hooded sweater from the book The Yarn Girls' Guide To Simple Knits. It is knitted with Malabrigo merino:

The entire sweater was done with stockinette stitch, so it went by relatively quickly. Plus I took this with me to Hilton Head for a week and that was all I did (in addition to going to the beach and drinking and eating)

And finally, what will a complete blog entry be without dessert? These are the Valencia Chocolate Chip Cookies I baked yesterday so the Husband can take with him to work, since he will be on call and it's always nice to bribe your co-workers to do some nasty work for you, let you sleep the whole night without having to wake up to give an epidural to a 15-year-old who is having her 4th baby, and tend to the twentieth gunshot victim of the night in exchange for a few of MY cookies. Don't mind me bragging, but pictures just don't do them justice:

Don't you just want to lick the screen right now?


  • At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    man those cookies look good!

    plo when are you going to send some my way?!?!?



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