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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Knitting With Cat Hair

This is usually what I see when I get home from work...the cat running out of the bedroom, displaying her butt and stretching. It is a leisurely life she is leading, as her mommy and daddy slave away.

I have also been knitting away on a cardi, in the "little lovely" colorway by Malabrigo. It is primarily a red/pink combination, but the effect is beauuuutiful. Picture of this will be up soon. Malabrigo is one of my favorite, as it is 100% merino and incredibly soft. The only excuse for me to keep buying yarn is my promise to the Husband that I will knit him either a merino wool or cashmere sweater for this winter. If I do, that will be all he's getting for Christmas...look at the price tag! I will probably need 8-10 of those babies!

The alternative is to start brushing the cat, collecting her fur, spinning it into yarn, and knitting a sweater with it.


  • At 11:15 PM, Anonymous Grace said…

    Cute blog! i have new chick lit you are welcomed to borrow - The Devil Wears Prada. Pretty good poolside read... Also bought Nick Hornby at the airport...


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